About 4degre.es

4degre.es was created as a full service online communications firm, delivering results with precision messaging.

We're motivated to provide the best and most innovative services. We take pride in our work, and together with the experience and talent we've gained campaigning in the field we can help deliver victory for you or your organization. We work exclusively with progressive campaigns and organizations.

Who We Are

Zach Knaus

Zach has more than 10 years of Colorado political and key influencer experience, as well as 8 years working with Colorado legislators, leaders and media at the local, statewide and national level. His background also includes leveraging social media marketing, web design and search engine optimization to increase community outreach as part of larger public relations campaigns.

At 4degre.es, he has been fundamental in the development of the business. Prior to creating 4degre.es, he was an Account Manager at MGA Communications, Inc. He worked with clients like Questar Market Resources, Colorado Education Association, Early Childhood Education Association of Colorado, Lower Blue River Citizen's Alliance, Cabela's and Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Previous to MGA, he served as Director of Communications for the Colorado Senate Majority. Here, he developed and implemented the media communications plan for the Senate Majority and achieved success increasing Senate representation.

Knaus holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Dillon Doyle

Dillon has spent years working in the field creating innovative campaigns with a proven track record of success. As a Junior at the University of Denver he helped manage Senator Michael Bennet’s winning online campaign as Deputy New Media Director. Using his creativity he developed Ken Buck’s House of Horrors and a Facebook calling tool application.

After that success Dillon managed and created online communications as New Media Director at Romer for Mayor. He served over 10 million ad impressions to targeted demographics and his email campaigns broke records for online fundraising for the race. From creative to ad buying, he kept busy while still maintaining a full-time rigorous course load.

Upon graduation Dillon joined 4degre.es where he’s been given the freedom to create winning campaigns for candidates and campaigns across the nation.

Over the past few years Dillon has served hundreds of millions of ad impressions that have persuaded voters and informed viewers. He's written and delivered even more targeted email communications. For non-profits and businesses alike Dillon’s precision messaging has developed into leads, sales, and changed minds. Dillon has programmed websites and applications under pressure and shipped code to turn sites live in less than 24 hours.

His design skills have been put to use producing fresh content through all forms of digital media and design. Dillon is especially proud of his high win rate and a few special projects he isn’t allowed to talk about (just ask about the dinosaur).

Patrick Coveney

Patrick is the newest member of the 4degre.es team, fresh off of managing digital organizing for Senator Mark Udall’s reelection campaign. His experience has been focused on community outreach online and bringing together research, communications and digital strategy. He also has a strong background in photography, videography and graphic design, helping to visually amplify each client’s presence online.

He has spent time in the world of journalism and understands the importance of managing public perception and the pitfalls of poor online media strategies. Outside of the office, he spends most of his time hiking with his 2-year-old Australian shepherd mix, Piper.

Patrick graduated with a B.A. in Political Science and Arabic from the University of Notre Dame and also holds an M.A. from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies in Denver.

4degre.es Services

4degre.es is a full service online communications firm. We tailor a precise message for your organization, and leverage our cutting edge online development to deliver targeted results.

Email Communications

4degre.es has sent millions of targeted emails. Our team will work with you to create a tailored outreach strategy, craft a precise message, and segment to send to your communities.

With the knowledge to raise money, and a drive to deliver the highest quality communications from copy to recipient action, our experience and skills will make sure your message delivers results.

From setting up your account to hands on targeting and fulfillment, we can create a relationship that works for any sized business or campaign.

Website Development

Building and maintaining well trafficked websites, on multiple different platforms, 4degre.es can take your operation to the next level.

After evaluating your needs and goals, we work with you to design a unique and effective website to deliver results. From standalone contrast blogs, to full featured campaign websites, these beautiful and precise products are designed to increase conversions and directly improve your bottom line.

Social Media Management

Social media is focused on conversations and provides a direct connection between you, your broad customer and supporter base, and your community.

We can grow and maintain your social networks. We’ve proven the value of a strong following by meticulously tracking return on investment.

Leave the management to us and capitalize on our team of experienced social media experts delivering your message to valuable donors, voters and customers you otherwise wouldn’t reach.

Search Engine Optimization

Maintaining an updated and user friendly web site is key, yet it is also important to have a site that is easily found by potential customers. Our proven search engine optimization techniques will be used to increase the search rankings of the web site – based on the results of strategic online research – and be used as a tool in updating the content throughout the site.

Advertising Creative

Strategic and precisely designed online ads can change the game and produce measurable results.

Our team will work to develop copy and craft interactive and visually appealing placements through multiple platforms, including search, Facebook, and display networks. We have existing relationships with advertisers giving you insider pricing and services. These advertising campaigns produce measurable results, and by utilizing advanced re-targeting technologies with clients emails the ability to further engage voters is limitless.

Phone Services

Cutting edge validated IVR technology allows you to know who you’re talking to. We’ll help you define your universe, refine a script, and manage data – all while providing the lowest costs for your automated telephone call and poll needs.

Facebook Applications

4degre.es clients have access to our suite of cutting edge Facebook applications, allowing you to engage with voters through their own mediums, and herald their actions through extended networks.

We’ve developed a distributed calling tool which fosters a community of volunteers, and allows them to make phone calls from their own home. We’ve also created successful viral applications to create buzz and heighten engagement. We have the ability to work with you to develop custom applications and maximize your online resources.

Graphics & Video Creation

Let 4degre.es capture and produce graphics and video in house, saving you thousands in production costs.

Our streamlined and classic style will deliver results. Through visual precision messaging, we make sure our clients have the best looking materials and videos.




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